Top3Skills.com merged LinkedIn Skills and LinkedIn Recommendations and created a Quick Recommendations Service for LinkedIn. This service allows you to easily and kindly ask your connections to write your Top 3 Skills instead of asking them to write one of those long recommendations that (honestly) nobody reads through.

If you ask 50 of your connections to write the Top 3 Skills and professional strengths that best describe you, the skills will converge at the end and you'll get the *real* top 3 skills that best describe you. Furthermore, you'll climb up to the Leaderboards! All this is huge business for human resources and headhunting! And of course, it is awesome for you because you will certainly receive more job offers or at least you will have an argument to ask your boss for a raise.

Working with Top3Skills.com is very easy. Just login with your LinkedIn account, share your URL in the format "http://Top3Skills.com/username" with your professional connections and that's it.
And always remember to write back to your connections.
Politeness is a great skill.


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